KRC – RC Racing in the Okanagan Valley

KRC - Kelowna RC RacingThe Kelowna Radio Controlled Racing Club (KRC) is a 100% member funded and run not for profit organization that was formed in September of 2014. We promote and hold competitive RC car races in the Okanagan Valley. During the warmer months we race on an outdoor dirt track for off road style vehicles, and in the winter on an indoor carpet track for on road style vehicles.

KRC Racing’s mission is to provide a fun, friendly environment to grow the hobby of competitive RC car racing. Our goal is to provide a safe, family-friendly, and non-threatening atmosphere for all members, participants, and visitors to our events. We strive for accountability and transparency, we have an open book policy, and believe all members have a right to know how the club is managed. We are not affiliated with or controlled by any for profit business. No member gains profit or benefits by offering their services to the club on a volunteer basis. In the rare case that the club requires the services of a professional, and a member may have that service to offer, the member would have to go through a tender process to be awarded the contract.

Support the club, become a member. It is through membership and volunteer work that racing will grow in our community.


KRC Onroad RC TrackComing out for the first time can seem a bit overwhelming and intimidating. Don’t worry about it! We will help you get it figured out.

First off, come on out and get involved. Either to a race day, a practice day, or a track maintenance day. The best way to learn is by doing. Even if you do not think you or your vehicle will be competitive, come on out, you will find it will be just fine.

You can just volunteer some time to help out with running the day if you want! The key is getting involved.


4SCFirst off, there are several different classes for the different style of vehicles. In addition we also run a novice class for new racers.

Each race day, we start off by running several rounds of heats which are called Qualifiers. These are 6 minute timed runs with other cars of the same class. During qualifying each vehicle runs on it’s own timer in the scoring system, so everyone gets a fair chance to drive their best. Your goal is to run as many laps as possible in the allotted time, if the 6 minutes ends and you are in the middle of a lap, you finish that lap as well. So for example, your time might be something like 10 laps, in 6 min 24 sec. We generally run three rounds of qualifiers for each class, though sometimes it can be more or less depending on the situation. Your fastest run is then used to set your starting position for the final race, called the Main.

Next comes the Main event! This is for all the marbles! Cars are placed on the starting grid based on their times from the qualifying rounds, If you had the fourth fastest time, you would start fourth on the grid for the race. This race features a heads-up start, that is, you are now all running on the same clock and racing the other cars on the track for position to determine the winner of the day!


The timing of the cars is controlled by a specialized lap counting system. This system consists of a computer, a signal decoder, an antenna underneath the track, and a transponder mounted inside your car. When your car passes over the antenna(commonly referred to as the ‘loop’) it detects the signal from your transponder and passes the  timing information to the scoring computer, which runs a special race timing application. If you don’t yet have a transponder of your own,  the club has a limited number that can be lent out. You’ll definitely want to get your own personal transponder if you race regularly. The system we use is the MyLaps RC4, which is the most widely used system in RC racing. Our system is not compatible with MRT clone transponders.

KRC Offroad RC Track

If you are interested in racing or volunteering with KRC, or have any questions, feel free to get ahold of me(Earl). You can also check our schedule and visit us on Facebook to see when we have upcoming events.

10 thoughts on “KRC – RC Racing in the Okanagan Valley

  1. Peter holmes

    Hi Earl
    We are visiting from Calagry and very interested in coming out to the track. Is it open to non members ?? How do we go about coming for a visit ??

  2. Peter Gnos

    Hi I’m moving to Summerland in January. I would like to know what racing classes you are doing indoors, style and type. I am an avid racer and would like to see your racing and join your club. please email me and we will keep in touch until the time I am there to come and see you.

    thank you

    Peter Gnos

  3. Larry

    Hi i would like to become involved in your racing please let me know schedule and location so i can come watch thank you.

    • Greg

      Hi Larry, sorry for the slow response, The schedule for our 2016/2017 indoor season has been updated, you can find it here, information about the venue is availalble here, if you have any other questions let me know!

      • Tyler popoff

        How much is it to get in to race

  4. Alex draper

    Hi there my name is Alex and I do the marketing for the West Kelowna Warriors hockey team…we would love to get your members on the ice for a intermission contest…please call me 250-575-2400

  5. Todd

    Hi. My sons just got Slash 2×4 trucks from ABC Hobby. Are we able to take them to your outdoor track during the day?

  6. Dylan

    Is there a race today? I haven’t race in years. Went to the track and theres nothing here

    • Greg

      Hi Dylan,

      There was a race scheduled for today but we had a number of members that weren’t going to be able to make it so it was cancelled. Sorry for the inconvenience, the best way to keep up with what the club is doing is to follow the Facebook Page.

  7. Jason Doell

    Hi, This is Jason from Interior Portable Rentals, we provide the portable toilet for your Morrison Rd site. We’re having trouble getting a hold of Darren, or anyone for that matter, to get payment for our services for the season. The contact number we have on file is not in service, and the statement we mailed out to 9805 Crimson Rd. was returned to us.

    Can someone from the club please contact us?
    Thanks, Jason (Interior Portables)

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