Points Series

I’ve updated the points with the results from Sunday, you can view them here. The idea is to effectively give us more racing and less qualifying, hopefully making the earlier rounds a bit more exciting.

The way it’s setup is that the qualifying rounds are treated as smaller races. Your 2 best of the 3 are scored out of 25 points, and then added to your points from the main which is scored out of 50. So a maximum of 100 points are on the table each race. As in our previous points series, you have to complete at least one lap in a heat or main for it to be counted towards your points total for that race day.

Starting next race, I believe we’ll be using heads-up starts for all the rounds, one thing we haven’t really discussed is starting order for the heat rounds. I think it would be interesting to do the first round random, and then do reverse order for the other rounds, so the guys with faster prior runs generally start near the back, might mix things up a bit, and give guys who had bad luck a better shot at a clean run.

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