Club Elections and Onroad 2017/18

With Off-Road coming to an end, and On-Road fast approaching, it is time to make a few club announcements.

KRC held the AGM earlier this month, and we have elected a new executive board of governors. The new board for this year is as follows:

Earl Towson, President, WCICS club representative. Primary role is to oversee the operation of the club, provide direction, and enforcement, focus on On-road.

Darren Dozois, Vice President. Primary role to support the president, provide direction, and enforcement, focus on Off-Road.

Aaron Gleboff, Secretary/Treasurer. Primary role is to oversee finances, club memberships, support the president, and enforcement.

Steve Chickloski, Competition Director. Primary role is to oversee organization of races, sponsorship of events, track design. Support the president.

Steve Guzy, Promotions/Media Director. Primary role to oversee promotion of club, fund raising, special promotional events, pubic media administration, support the president.

I would like to thank all of the above for volunteering their time and energy to the club.

Before I get into the announcements for the upcoming season, I would like to extend a big THANK YOU to Aaron Gleboff. Job well done for leading the club this past year and a half. I know it can be a thankless job, and you end up being the focus of much of the criticism, deserved or not. You handled it well and pulled off successful seasons of both On-Road and Off-Road racing! Also a big thank you to all that volunteered your time through out the seasons to keep the club going, to constantly make improvements to the tracks and facilities we race at, both in the summer and the winter. With out continued support and these dedicated members, racing would not happen, this is what being a club is all about, working together on a common goal to be able to continue doing what we all enjoy, RACING!

KRC, we have some exciting times ahead! First off, I would like to announce we will be racing on a brand new, and bigger track surface! Thats right, we have new CRC Fast Track II black carpet coming! Not only will it be new, and bring our club racing surface in line with the best of the world, it will also be a larger track than we have had previously, being a full 80’ by 36’. We also have more CRC Clik Track coming to facilitate the larger size. With the purchase of the new carpet, KRC will be set for On-Road racing for years to come.

KRC will once again be a part of the ProtoForm WCICS race series, this time as a permanent member club. With the growing popularity and notoriety of this world class series, drawing entries from all over North America, being a part of this series gives KRC the opportunity to showcase the Okanagan’s fantastic racing community, and hospitality. This year, our leg of the race will be held the last week of November, very excited for this opportunity.

Once again, we will be holding the On-Road season at the Green Bay Rec. Centre, which has supported us and provided a fantastic facility to race in. Looking forward to racing there again!

Classes, rules and race format. For the past seasons, KRC has strictly followed the rules, class structure and race format as set out by the WCICS series, and for the most part, this has worked well. However, I have received feed back in the past that this may be to prescriptive in some cases. For this year, I propose KRC loosens the rules and class structure in a way that will help promote the club nature of racing.

For Touring Car chassis based classes, I purpose KRC has two main classes, one “ClubSport”, and one “clubPro”.

ClubSport – This class would be aimed at the racer that does not wish to compete in the more serious TC classes, or for the new comer to racing TC based cars. It would comprise of the current Scale Spec class, as well as 21.5T Touring Cars. The rules would be the same for all, as specified for Scale Spec, with the exception of 21.5T TC, which can use TC bodies, but must meet the weight and tire rules of Scale Spec. This would be aimed at sportsman type racing, so allowances can be made to accommodate new or less skilled racers.

ClubPro – This class is aimed at the racer that competes in TC stock and mod. With the bigger track, and better overall grip offered by the new carpet, I propose we open this class up to allow any motor from 17.5T to 8.5T with or without boost. All other TC rules apply for weight and tires of 32 Deg only. The only caveat is, run a motor appropriate for your skill level. Racers that are clearly unable to control their vehicle at all times will be told to motor down, this will be strictly monitored. Remember, although it is fun to go fast, and you might be having fun, if you are out of control, the rest of the people you are racing with will not be having fun.

12th scale. In order to help promote 12th scale for more racers to to try, I propose KRC opens the rules up a bit. First, allowing any tire to be used. Although the spec tires are very good on the black carpet, and good for a control measure at larger races, the cost is a factor for club racing. Second, for new racers, I highly recommend running a 17.5T motor. If numbers are good for this class, we can run mod as well.

You can check out the full season schedule here.

We are working on getting the Saturday night set up and practice going again, but this depends on commitment from the racers! Lets get it going, make the commitment to show up!

I will do up a PDF copy of the schedule that will include all the ProtoForm WCICS races and Kamloops club races as well.

Speaking of Kamloops, we are working on an exciting new club challenge between the two clubs, stay tuned, more to come on this…….

Looking forward to seeing everyone back out on the carpet this season, its shaping up to be our best one yet!


One thought on “Club Elections and Onroad 2017/18

  1. John Green

    Is there a contact number to stay in touch?
    Just getting into rc after a lengthy absence.
    John 2508267079

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