offroadtrackDuring the warmer months, generally May – September, KRC races off-road in the dirt at a purpose built facility in Kelowna.



8am – 9:15am Open practice and registration
9:15am Drivers Meeting
9:45am First race on the line

There are several rounds of racing for each class leading up to a final event at the end of the day. The racing is usually finished by 5pm.


Any 540 Motor
2S LiPo or
6-7 cell NIMH

Any 540 Motor
2S LiPo or
6-7 cell NIMH

Any 540 Motor
2S LiPo or
6-7 cell NIMH

Any 540 Motor
2S LiPo or
6-7 cell NIMH

Any 540-550 Motor
2S LiPo or
6-7 cell NIMH

181/8th EBUGGY
Any Motor
4S LiPo

14 thoughts on “Off-Road

  1. Samantha

    Hi there
    Is there any way to register my husband or do we just come on the day of ?

  2. Greg

    No need to pre-register, you’re welcome to come out the morning of any of our scheduled race days.

  3. syd strange

    going to be in vernon/ penticton july 2-6th —anything going on –running novice slash 2wd

  4. Greg

    Hi Syd, we have a club race scheduled for July 5th, you’re welcome to come out! Your slash would fit right into our 2wd Short Course class which has a range of driver skill levels.

  5. Justin

    Hi just wondering if I need to pre register for the race on the thirty first of July and the price of entry and if there are tables I could use

    • Greg

      Hi Justin, no need to pre-register.

      If it’s your first time out racing there’s no charge, and there should be some spare table space available.

      • Justin

        Thanks greg

  6. NIck

    Do you guys allow nitro buggy’s?

    • Greg

      Hi Nick, Unfortunately we aren’t able to run Nitro at the off-road track due to noise concerns.

  7. Kathy

    Re: Race on May 26 – Hi, due to the flooding in Kelowna, is the race on May 26 still on?

    • Greg

      Hi Kathy,

      Yes, the race scheduled for the 26th is still on, the area the track is located in hasn’t been affected by the flooding.

  8. evan A

    hi. i was just wondering what a 540 is, i a runing a 4 pole 3000kv by Kinexsis, so would that meet the requirements? thanks

    • Greg

      Hi Evan, “540” just refers to the motor size. Yours would be fine.

      • evan A

        awesome thank you!

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