During the winter months the Kelowna RC Racing Club meets at the gymnasium of the Green Bay Bible Camp in West Kelowna to race on-road.

Race Day Program

8am – 9:30am Setup, Open practice, and registration
9:30am Drivers Meeting
9:45am First race on the line

5 thoughts on “On-Road

  1. Dwayne Laube


    When is your next race? Are spectators welcome to come check things out? Thanks.

    • Greg

      Hi Dwayne,

      Our next race is the first of the On-Road season, and will be on October 22nd at the Green Bay Bible Camp. Spectators are always welcome!

  2. Evan

    Hi i was wondering about a few things. do you guys drift on road and what sizes and classes do you race indoors. Thanks a bunch!

  3. Greg

    Hi Evan,
    We don’t do any drifting as it isn’t compatible with the surface we race on indoors.

    The popular classes for on-road are 1/10th scale. Mostly touring cars and GTA. There are also classes for the Tamiya Mini as well as F1 cars.

    • evan

      awesome thanks a lot.

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